Have you found yourself in a situation where you would like to change your apprenticeship training provider?

With the number of apprenticeships in today’s workforce steadily increasing, perhaps your training requirements have changed; the scope of your business needs have expanded, or you’ve simply identified a new apprenticeship training provider you would like to work with. Perhaps the Education and Skills Funding Agency’s (ESFA) recent pause on the procurement process caused an issue with funding allocations for your appointed provider?

What do you do now and Is it even possible to change apprenticeship training providers? The answer is absolutely!

Before you actually make the switch, it is wise to make sure you’ve considered the potential disruption for your workforce and the ability of you and your new modern apprenticeships provider to minimise that impact. Exploring all the potentials with your current training provider will ensure that you are in the best place as a business before transitioning. Once you are sure that you do want to switch apprenticeship training providers you’ll need to be aware of some things.

It’s probably easier than you think to switch apprenticeship training provider

Although contracts will have been drawn up between your organisation and your apprenticeships training provider, there will be an agreed exit process allowing you to make a clean break more easily. Speaking to your apprenticeship training provider in a timely and open fashion regarding this exit process is a great way to ensure that disruption to your staff is kept to a minimal.

The switching process is different if you are a Levy-paying employer rather than Co-investing

Levy-paying employers simply need to log into their Apprenticeship Service Portal and turn off the funding. After this, you can follow the exit process with your existing apprenticeship training provider and look for a new provider from the government register.

Employers that are utilising the co-investment scheme have to acknowledge they are not in sole control of the funding. This means that if you intend on changing training provider, you should do it in a timely fashion and that the apprenticeship training company does the same. You shouldn’t forget that the price with your new training provider may not be the same as those with your incumbent provider.

Preventing overpayment is very important, make sure you complete the process in a timely fashion, be clear in your documentation of each apprentice’s level of progress so that funding continues without being interrupted.

What about incentive payments?

Incentive payments are attached to the apprentice, not to the apprenticeship training provider. Only one is paid for each apprentice. Once this payment is made, the provider is allowed to keep it. This means that switching providers could affect the amount of payment the new provider receives, depending on the timing of the switch. The best idea is to discuss the incentive payments with the new provider, this will help make sure that you do the switch at the best time for all parties involved.

Change can sometimes be a very daunting concept, but with these tips, and open honest conversations with both your existing training provider and your new potential provider, the process can be a much better experience, allowing your workforce to continue to improve their skill set and strengthen the calibre of your business.

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