Apprenticeship programmes have been revolutionised by E-learning. Online apprenticeship programmes make it faster, simpler and more efficient for apprentices to complete their training and learn new skills. This has big benefits for both the apprentice and the employer. 

Learn from any location

Online learning allows apprentices to learn from any location, making it super convenient and efficient. All the apprentice needs to attend online classes is a computer, internet connection and a quiet space to concentrate. All of this can easily be provided in the workplace. This allows you to be flexible in your fulfilment of the 20% off-the-job training time each week, fitting it in around the needs of your business and not having to factor in travel time which does not count towards the required hours.  

Flexible learning hours

E-learning allows you to be flexible with when training takes place, fitting it around the day-to-day needs of the business. This allows you to maximise the productivity of your workforce and get the most value out of your apprentices by allocating quieter periods for learning and completing the required training. Because learners do not have to travel to and from training according to an externally set schedule, they can switch easily between work and training time with a daily schedule that suits the requirements of their role. 

Access to a wide range of learning resources

Online apprenticeship programmes often provide access to a wider range of learning resources and additional modules, all in one convenient place and at no extra cost. This material can be used by your apprentices to boost their skills and knowledge, enhancing the quality of the apprenticeship. Additional modules may also prove to be useful for other members of staff, particularly where general compliance resources are provided covering topics such as health and safety, data protection etc. 

Learn at your own pace

Online apprenticeship programmes allow apprentices to learn at their own pace, giving them control over their own learning. Some may fly through modules they find easier and spend more time on areas they find more challenging. E-learning platforms also provide the benefit of being able to repeat topics until the learner has fully grasped the content. This is a real benefit over face-to-face classes which learners attend once and are delivered at a general pace. 

Standardised training 

With online apprenticeship programmes, all learners receive the same type and standard of training which makes each apprenticeship standard consistent. This helps to ensure equality of access to a high and consistent standard of training. This is particularly beneficial for employers that hire multiple apprentices in their organisation because each learner will receive training that is delivered consistently across each module, course and level.  

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Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash