We are delighted to hear that the chancellor has now extended cash incentives for hiring new apprentices, offering a bonus of £3,000 for every apprentice hired.

The Kickstart scheme, which was originally set to end in September, has now been extended by four months, to the end of January 2022. This also includes an extension to Sunak’s flagship Kickstart scheme which subsidises job placement for young people on universal credit and is part of a £500 million jobs support package.

In his speech at the Conservative Party Conference, Sunak said he is “ready to double-down” on his promise to “do whatever it takes” to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Research shows that local authorities have so far invested more than £200m to create over 55,000 apprenticeships in 150 different apprenticeship standards over the last four years. The scheme has already helped businesses and local authorities create life-changing apprenticeship opportunities and fill any skills gaps across a variety of different industry sectors.


What This Means for Businesses on The Lookout for Apprentices

The Government’s apprenticeship scheme is aimed at businesses of all types and is designed to help employers attract new team members or upskill existing employees.

Hiring an apprentice is the most cost-effective way of training up young talent and means that employers can avoid any unnecessary recruitment costs involved when hiring a full-time employee.

Apprenticeships are an investment in young talent to help them learn the skills they need to unlock their full potential and are fundamental for business growth.


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