Oxford College of Apprenticeships offers Apprenticeship Courses that focus on areas in which they hold particular expertise. Built up over a long 20+ year history of delivering professional training to individuals and larger cohorts, these include Marketing and Digital Marketing, Procurement and Supply Chain, Sales and Customer Service, Management and Leadership, and Learning and Development.

We are able to provide apprenticeship training for the below apprenticeships but may be able to deliver others not listed in part or in entirety. For further information please email enquiries@oxfordpeg.com or fill in the contact form.

Apprenticeship Courses

Apprenticeship Course Standard and Name
STO122 Digital Marketer
ST0807 Marketing Assistant
STO612 Marketing Manager
STO596 Marketing Executive
ST0644 Advertising and Media
STO168 Events Assistant
STO311 Public Relations Assistant
STO105 Junior Content Producer
STO313 Commercial Procurement & Supply  (formally Public Sector Commercial Professional)
STO258 Supply Chain Operator
STO201 Supply Chain Practitioner (FMCG)
STO572 Sales Executive
STO115 IT Technical Sales
STO072 Customer Service Practitioner
STO071 Customer Service Specialist
STO310_2 Associate Project Manager
STO070 Business Administrator
STO273 Junior Management Consultant
ST0056 Bid and Proposal Co-ordinator
ST0562 Learning and Development Practitioner
STO563 Learning & Development Consultant / Business Partner
ST0146 Assessor / Coach
ST0556 Improvement Leader
ST0149 Learning and Skills Teacher
ST0148 Learning Mentor Apprenticeship

For more information on this apprenticeship, or any of the apprenticeships we have on offer please do contact us on 01865 515 255 and a member of the team would be delighted to chat this through with you. Alternatively, please do get in touch via email at enquiries@oxfordpeg.com, or by filling in a contact form.

Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education

Oxford College of Apprenticeships is part of the Oxford Professional Education Group and is approved by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education and is listed on the Register of Training Apprentice Providers (RoTAP).

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