Senior Leader Apprenticeship – Reference Number: ST0480

Who is it for?

A senior leader will typically be involved in providing clear, inclusive, and strategic leadership and direction relating to their area of responsibility within an organisation. Typically, this involves setting, managing and monitoring achievement of core objectives that are aligned to the overall strategic objectives of their organisation’s Board (or equivalent). In a smaller organisation they are also likely to contribute to the execution and achievement of these strategic objectives.

What will be covered?

  • How to shape organisational mission, culture and values.

  • Organisation structures; business modelling; diversity; global and horizon scanning perspectives; governance and accountability; technological and policy implications.

  • New market strategies, changing customer demands and trend analysis.

  • Ethics and values-based leadership theories and principles.

  • Competitive strategies and entrepreneurialism.

  • Financial strategies, financial governance and legal requirements, and procurement strategies.

  • Approaches to strategic workforce planning, for example, talent management, learning organisations, group work, workforce design, succession planning, diversity and inclusion.

  • Influencing and negotiating strategies both upwards and outwards.

  • Brand and reputation management.

  • Working with corporate leadership structures, for example, the markets it operates in, roles and responsibilities, who its stakeholders are and what they require from the organisation and the sustainability agenda.

  • Crisis and risk management strategies.

  • Coaching and mentoring techniques.

  • Set strategic direction and gain support for it from key stakeholders.

  • Undertake research, and critically analyse and integrate complex information.

  • Lead change in their area of responsibility, create an environment for innovation and creativity, establishing the value of ideas and change initiatives and driving continuous improvement.

  • Lead and respond in a crisis situation using risk management techniques.

  • Challenge strategies and operations in terms of ethics, responsibility, sustainability, resource allocation and business continuity/risk management.

  • Drive a culture of resilience and support development of new enterprise and opportunities.

  • Oversee procurement, supply chain management and contracts., demonstrating clarity in thinking.

  • Create an inclusive culture, encouraging diversity and difference and promoting well-being.

  • Give and receive feedback at all levels, building confidence and developing trust, and enable people to take risks and challenge where appropriate.

  • Lead and influence people, building constructive working relationships across teams, using matrix management where required.

  • Optimise skills of the workforce, balancing people and technical skills and encouraging continual development.

  • Manage relationships across multiple and diverse stakeholders.

  • Lead within their area of control/authority, influencing both upwards and outwards, negotiating and using advocacy skills to build reputation and effective collaboration.

  • Shape and manage the communications strategy for their area of responsibility.

  • Work collaboratively enabling empowerment and delegation.

  • Take personal accountability aligned to clear values.

  • Curious and innovative – exploring areas of ambiguity and complexity and finding creative solutions.

  • Value difference and champion diversity.

  • Seek continuous professional development opportunities for self and wider team.

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