Marketing Assistant Apprenticeship – Reference Number: ST0807

Marketing is a vital aspect to all businesses, providing insights and awareness into customer needs in order to develop and deliver new products and services. Marketing is the process of effectively researching, developing, promoting and distributing products or services through a range of channels. Marketing also involves the implementation of marketing strategy and plans to make this delivery possible.

Who is it for?

The Level 3 marketing assistant apprenticeship is suitable for individuals who are working in their first marketing role and is typically the entry route for many marketing professionals who progress their career into more senior positions. Individuals may typically support the work of marketing managers and executives, assisting with developing marketing campaigns, sales strategies, and supporting various projects, which can involve interaction and collaboration with various departments within the organisation. This role requires communication and teamwork skills as well as creativity and project management skills, all of which are developed within the apprenticeship.

How will the training be delivered and what can you expect?

For larger corporate cohorts, training can be delivered through a blend of in-house and virtual, at a convenient time and place to the employer. For smaller cohorts, training will be delivered through a mixture of virtual and face to face delivery. All apprentices will have access to the OneFile virtual learning environment for reading, study, communication and to evidence learning and progression. Line managers also have access to the OneFile system. All our marketing learners are also supported with CIM membership, offering additional resources, training and the opportunity to be part of the largest global professional marketing network.

The apprenticeship will take approximately 18 months to complete, during which time the apprentice will gather and produce evidence that the apprenticeship outcomes have been met. Throughout this time, the apprentice will have regular 1-1 meetings (every 6-8 weeks) with their personal mentor/assessor to support their studies and check progress.

Unlike some other apprenticeships, the Marketing Assistant has no embedded personal qualification. However, as Oxford College of Marketing is a CIM accredited provider, to maximise the value gained from this apprenticeship, we have mapped the knowledge content to the CIM Level 3 Foundation Certificate in Professional Marketing. This allows the apprentice to achieve a dual certification – a Foundation in Professional (Digital) Marketing and the Marketing Assistant Apprenticeship, if desirable.

What will be covered?

Upon completion of the apprenticeship, Marketing Assistants will have knowledge and understanding of:

Marketing Concepts & Theories

  • The basic principles, theory and concepts of marketing and the marketing mix (e.g. product, price, place, promotion, physical environment, process, people), the promotional mix and the difference between its elements.

  • Brands theory such as positioning, value, identity and guidelines to a basic level.

  • The concepts and understanding of how marketing fits within organisational structures and processes.

Business Understanding & Commercial Awareness

  • Legislation and regulatory frameworks that affect marketing operations, including but not limited to GDPR, e-privacy, trading and copyright laws.

  • Principles of Marketing ethics and the principles of conducting marketing communications in a legal, decent and honest manner.

  • Internal dependencies that positively and negatively influence the success of marketing, such as IT, finance, sales, operations.

Products, Systems and Channels

  • Current technologies such as systems and software that can help deliver effective marketing planning, delivery and evaluation.

  • The benefits of a customer relationship management system and marketing automation processes and systems, helping to understand the customer journey and the customer segments relevant to their market.

  • Awareness of social media platforms appropriate to customer and business segments.

  • Copywriting and proofreading techniques.

  • Search engine optimisation techniques and effective video production and publishing practice.

Market Research

  • Primary and secondary research and the different sources of primary and secondary research data.

  • Importance of planning and maintaining offline and digital assets.

  • The metrics relevant to the delivery and evaluation of marketing activity, and an understanding of which are most relevant to that activity.

Upon completion of the apprenticeship, Marketing Assistants will have and exhibit skills in the following areas:

Marketing Campaigns

  • Write persuasive text to meet a marketing communication objective, using common copywriting techniques such as adapting writing styles to ensure it is appropriate to different channels in-line with organisational brand guidelines.

  • Able to plan and coordinate a marketing activity, comprising several different marketing tactics to acquire or retain one or more customer segments.

Interpersonal and Communication Skills

  • Applying creativity to use a website content management system or social media platform to publish text, images and video/animated content.

Service Delivery and Improvement