Oxford Professional Education Group – Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions are applicable to all courses.  Any additional terms and conditions which are course specific are detailed under the course heading.

By applying for a course, you are confirming your agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions.

The College will advise you on your course entry point and upon application you will need to supply the name of the person at Oxford Professional Education Group (OXPEG) who has verified your entry level.

The fee, for any course at any given time, will be displayed on the website or will be notified to you by an OXPEG representative. Fees are quoted in pounds sterling, exclusive of VAT and additional accredited body charges unless stated otherwise will apply. Delivery charges payable in relation to delivery of study materials, if applicable, are order specific and may vary, the correct delivery charges for your particular order can be confirmed by contacting an OXPEG representative.

Registration can be cancelled within 14 days of enrolment to the online learning platform (OXCOM Learning). A full refund will be given within 14 days of cancellation, however if the delegate has accessed OXCOM Learning and/or attended any classes there will be a cancellation fee.

OXPEG reserves the right to cancel a course or change a schedule for any course. In such cases all delegates will be given due notice and the option of a venue change, study method change or course cancellation. In cases of a course cancellation by OXPEG, a refund will be offered if alternative options are not viable for the delegate.

To keep optimum delegate experience, classes are subject to minimum numbers. Where there are insufficient numbers, delegates will be offered an alternative venue.

We will be using video technology such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. For virtual classes, these may be recorded and distributed within the class members.

Delegates who are travelling to attend classes must contact OXPEG to inform them of their plans prior to booking travel and/or accommodation. Delegate expenses for class cancellations are non-refundable.

The fee for any course does not include fees payable to the Awarding Body unless otherwise stated. In order to gain certification, it is usually necessary to pay directly to the Awarding Body a fee for membership and an assessment fee for each unit.

Payment Terms

Payment of OXPEG fees must be made prior to the commencement of the course. Details of how to make payment can be found in the quote sent to you via email by one of our course advisers.

Employer Funded Delegates

For employer funded delegates an invoice for all course modules (or those applied for) will be raised within 48 working hours upon receiving an application form and must be paid within 30 days of invoice date. Employer funded delegates will gain access to OXCOM Learning once the employer has either paid the invoice, has confirmed in writing that they are sponsoring the delegate or if a PO number has been supplied.

Cancellations made after 14 days of the initial enrolment will not be eligible for a refund. If the delegate is eligible for a refund but has accessed OXCOM Learning and/or attended any classes, there will be a cancellation fee.

Failure to settle any outstanding balance will result in loss of access to the OXCOM Learning and in more severe cases the withholding of pending assignments / assessments due for submission to the Awarding Body.

If for any reason the named delegate is unable to attend the course the Client has the right to appoint a replacement delegate within two years of the original invoice date.

Self-Funded Delegates

Self-funded delegates are required to make either payment in full, for one module or choose a payment plan option.

Interest free payment plans are available for some qualifications and are subject to monthly consecutive payments.

On a 9-month payment plan breaks can be taken after the 3rd and 6th instalment have been paid. On a 6-month payment plan breaks can be taken after the 2nd and 4th instalment have been paid.

Please note, if a delegate defers a module or takes a break from their studies, this does not defer any outstanding modular payment. Payments must continue against the outstanding balance.

On a 9-month payment plan updated course access will be received on the 1st, 4th and 7th payment. The cost of each module is split in to 3 instalments.

On a 6-month payment plan updated course access will be received on the 1st, 3rd and 5th payment. The cost of each module is split in to 2 instalments.

We do not store any bank/card details on our systems, therefore it is the delegates responsibility to ensure payments are made in a timely manner, and we would recommend setting up a standing order.

We will not automatically send out any reminders unless your payments are late.

Failure to settle any outstanding balance will result in loss of access to OXCOM Learning and in more severe cases the withholding of pending assignments / assessments due for submission to the Awarding Body.

Cancellations made after 14 days of the initial enrolment will not be eligible for a refund. If the delegate is eligible for a refund but has accessed OXCOM Learning and/or attended any classes, there will be a cancellation fee.

Enrolment Details

You will be notified of your enrolment onto OXCOM Learning via email.

The receipt of any online study materials is personal to you and you may not transfer your rights to access OXCOM Learning, share your access passwords or provide any online study materials to any other person.

Your access to the online learning platform (OXCOM Learning) will be for 3 years or upon successful completion of the qualification, whichever is the earlier date. Extensions may be agreed at OXPEG’s discretion on a case by case basis and may be subject to a renewal charge.

If you do not access your Oxcom Learning account for six months it may be deactivated. To reinstate your account please contact oxcomlearning@oxfordpeg.com.


Delegates must show a professional attitude to their studies.

Delegates will complete their work and return it to their tutors on time or at a pre-agreed mutually convenient time.

Delegates who are classroom based must respect both the tutors and the other members of the class.

OXPEG encourages the sharing of experience and expertise. Therefore, any work provided by delegates may be displayed and shared as an example of good practice with the agreement of the said delegate.

Full participation is the key to good performance. It is on the basis of this understanding that the course has been designed. However, if you are ill or away because of your commitments at work or home please let us know, so we can suggest extra support.

While every care is taken to ensure that any advice given to delegates is correct, OXPEG cannot accept responsibility for information provided by third parties.

OXPEG reserves the right to withhold any assignment submission due to the Awarding Body where OXPEG considers that the delegate has not followed OXPEG or Awarding Body guidelines.

Classroom based delegates are not permitted to use recording equipment.

Social Media Policy

This policy deals with the use of all forms of social media, including but not limited to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Wikipedia, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and all other social networking sites, and all other internet postings, including blogs etc. This also includes any functionality within OXCOM Learning that permits interactions with other OXPEG delegates.

Social media should never be used in a way that breaches any of OXPEG’s policies. If a social media post would breach any of our rules or policies in any other forum, it will also breach them in the social media forum. For example, users are prohibited from using social media to:

  • Breach our IT and communications systems policy;
  • Breach any obligations relating to confidentiality or intellectual property;
  • Breach any of our academic or disciplinary rules;
  • Defame or disparage OXPEG or OXPEG tutors, lecturers, delegates, prospective delegates, the general public or other stakeholders;
  • Breach our anti-harassment and bullying policies;
  • Unlawfully discriminate against our delegates, staff or other third parties;
  • Breach our data protection or privacy policies; specifically sharing of tutor feedback;
  • Breach any other laws or standards.

Acceptable Use of OXCOM Learning Forums and Live Chat

We want to create an open, caring and respectful community. To help us do this, each user agrees that their use of the community and their contributions must:

  • Be accurate and genuinely believed;
  • Avoid quoting out of context and include a credit for the original author as the source of material;
  • Comply with all applicable domestic, foreign and international laws that govern the content of the contribution.

Users also agree that their use of the community and contributions will not:

  • Infringe any intellectual property rights including copyright, design right, database right, patents, trade mark, moral or performer’s right or any other third party right;
  • Be likely to harass, upset, alarm or cause distress to any other person;
  • Contain an instruction, advice, or content that could cause harm or injury to individuals or to computers or systems;
  • Encourage anyone to commit any unlawful or criminal act or condone any unlawful or criminal act;
  • Give the impression that the contribution emanates from OXPEG if this is not the case, or impersonate any person, or misrepresent your identity or affiliation with any person;
  • Contain any advertising.
  • We reserve the right to disclose a user’s identity to any third party who is claiming that any material posted or uploaded by a user to our site is defamatory of them, a violation of their intellectual property or other legal rights, or of their right to privacy, and if disclosure is required under any law, regulation, order of a court of competent jurisdiction or the rules of any governing or regulatory body.
  • We will not be responsible, or liable to any third party, for the content or accuracy of any contributions.

Intellectual Property

At all times, OXPEG and /or its licensors, remain the owner of the intellectual property in the study materials. No study materials or any part of them may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of OXPEG.

In consideration of receipt by OXPEG of the course fee, OXPEG grants to you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the study materials strictly for your own educational purposes only.

Save as expressly set out in these terms, you may not modify, copy, reproduce, re-publish, sub-license, sell, upload, broadcast, post, transmit, make available, disseminate or distribute in any way any of the study materials.

You may not modify, adapt, merge, translate, disassemble, decompile, recompile or reverse engineer any software forming part of the online study materials or create derivative works based on the whole of or any part of the online study materials or incorporate the online study materials into any software program.

Use of the study materials not expressly permitted in these terms is strictly prohibited and will constitute an infringement of either OXPEG’s copyright or OXPEG’s other intellectual property rights, and / or the copyright or other intellectual property rights of OXPEG’s licensors.

Intellectual Property Rights (including copyright)

The websites and all of the materials contained on or within them are protected by intellectual property rights. Materials and content include, but are not limited to, the design, layout, look, appearance, graphics and documents on the websites or in our courses or learning materials, as well as all other content on the websites such as (but not limited to) articles and other text, and other content of courses such as slides. All copyright, trademarks, design rights, patents and other intellectual property rights (registered and unregistered) subsisting in the design of, or materials on or within the Websites is either owned by us, licensed to us or we are entitled to use it. All such rights are reserved.

Except as provided below, you may not copy, modify, redistribute, republish or otherwise make use of the materials on or within the Websites, in our courses or our learning materials available to anyone else without OXPEG’s written permission (including, but not limited to “caching” any material and “mirroring” any material).

You may print or download materials from the Websites for your own personal and non-commercial use provided that:

  • No materials are modified in any way
  • No graphics are used separately from accompanying text
  • Our copyright and trade mark notices appear in all copies; and
  • You acknowledge the websites as the source of the material.

If you have our written permission to provide these materials to another person, you must ensure that they are made aware of these restrictions. You may be responsible to OXPEG for that person’s non-compliance with these restrictions contained herein.

You may also permit your computer to make an electronically stored, transient copy of the content on or within the websites only for the purpose of viewing it while connected to the internet (but you may only make one copy of any such content).

In addition, you must not post any information which:

  • Is or could be considered defamatory, derogatory or inappropriate with regards to OXPEG, OXPEG’s customers